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Welcome to Riverís Dahlias in Oregon.† Here at Riverís Dahlias we have a huge variety of dahlia tubers for sale.† Our goal is to provide you with both a great stock of show dahlias, as well as quality garden varieties of dahlias.† While we are new to the dahlia business we are confident that you will be dazzled by our selection of dahlia tubers.

We have existing varieties of dahlia tubers to choose from in addition to some varieties of dahlia tubers that we have created...(since weíll be specializing in our own originations in the future).

We grow many top show varieties of dahlia tubers as well as new introductions.† In addition, we are also trying something new with a garden line of dahlias that are grown from our own seedling patch.† While they may not be† up to the show dahliaís standards, we feel many gardeners would love to have them in their garden.†

Our show varieties of dahlia tubers have all been named after our son, Johnnie River, while the garden line is named, WB, after my wife.† Since we are just hobbyist and not a big commercial operation, our stock of dahlia tubers is very limited. We are sure if you give these dahlias a try, you will love growing them as much as we do.

Please contact Riverís Dahlias if you have any questions.

Thank You!

Eugene Kenyon

Rivers Dahlias, dahlias, flowers, bulbs, tubers
Rivers Dahlias, dahlias, flowers, bulbs, tubers
www.riversdahlias.comdahlia tubers for sale, lineRivers Dahlias, dahlia tubers for sale, star dahlia

We are currently adding more flowers, email us if you are looking for a specific one!

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Rivers Dahlias, dahlias, flowers, bulbs, tubersDahlia tubers for sale - red dahlia

River's Dahlias


Dahlia bulbs for sale.† Dahlia bulbs are actually Dahlia tubers.

dahlia flowers come from Dahlia tubers.

We have many Dahlia tubers for sale. Our dahlia tubers are grown in Oregon.† Dahlia tubers for sale here at Riverís Dahlias. Thank you for looking at our dahlia tubers.

Dahlia tubers for sale, here at Rivers Dahlias.

We have dahlia tubers for sale.†† Different colors of dahlia tubers for sale.


Dahlia bulbs for sale.

Dahlia tubers for sale.

All kinds of dahlia bulbs.

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Dahlia Tubers.†

Dahlia tubers

for sale.†

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bulbs (which

are actually

dahlia tubers.†

Dahlia tuber sale..

Buy Dahlia bulbs

Buy Dahlia Tubers.† Dahlia tubers

for sale.† Buy Dahlia bulbs (which

are actually dahlia tubers here at Riverís Dahlias. Look at our Dahlia tuber sale.

Dahlias† and dahlia tubers here at Riverís† Dahlias.